Change Log

This page are historically describes the change of website as Al Quran Online Digital site.

New feature will be added soon 🙂

Plan to Add :

  • Direct Linking to Juzz ‘Amma (30th Juzz)
  • Add some reciter (Qori) on the playlist page
  • Add every ayah reciter
  • Save last read using localStorage technique
  • Add Asbabunnuzul

V.1.7 (Beta)

  • New Feature : Dark Mode with localStorage function
  • New Feature : Show/Hide the translation sections

V.1.5 (Beta)

  • Bugs fixing on search function, Querying, and theming (Thanks to Mr. Ferius, and Mr. Dwi Cahyo from PHPID)

V.1.3 (Beta)

  • Change the URL to pretty / SEF
  • Use soundmanager2 for mediaplayer (quran page and playlist)

V.1.1 (Beta)

  • Change the Title From Mushaf Al Quran Digital to Al Quran Online
  • Change ayah fonts using LPMQ (Standard Font from Ministry of Religion of The Republic of Indonesia)

V.1 (Alpha)

  • Using Uthmani fonts for each ayah (arabic text)
  • Table style homepage
  • Uploaded to host server

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